Bad Reputation

Bad Reputation

two films about girls who break the rules

Sarah + Dee


Saturday May 14, 8pm

Join Craftswoman House on Saturday May 14 at 8pm for a double bill featuring Sarah + Dee and Daisies. Filmed forty years apart, both films feature precocious young women who escape the monotony of their lives through mischievous play. Karen Dee Carpenter’s Sarah + Dee follows two young housecleaners who feel trapped in their blue-collar life. They act out their fantasies in the up-scale suburban homes they are paid to clean and long for a more glamorous life.

In Věra Chytilová visually stunning film, Daisies, two girls, both named Marie, rebel against the boredom of their existence through playing dress-up and causing a ruckus where ever they go. The Maries tease men and leave them high and dry as they saunter off on madcap adventures. They are loud, gluttonous, and free as they mock the role of the good girl.

Sarah + Dee, 2006, 19:42 minutes, directed by Karen Dee Carpenter

Daisies (Sedmikrásky), 1966, 74 minutes, directed by Věra Chytilová, Czech with English subtitles

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