Thank You!

Thank you to all of the wonderful backers who helped us fund the Craftswoman House Kickstarter. We our grateful for your generous support!

Kathleen Adrian
Jenn Beebe
Polly Breckenridge
Geoff Brown
Carrie Bryden
Karen Dee Carpenter
Andrea Collins
Randy Collins
Troy Collins
Dave & Ginny
Julie Deamer
Marcy Eason
Jim Eason
McLean Fahnestock
Hossein Farmani
Jennie Fleming
Elyce Helford
R Janeen Hershey
Emily Hunter
Janet Jeffers
Spencer Keralis
Patricia Keefer
Lauren Knopf
Elizabeth Leister
Jo Letke
Leigh Maddox
Melissa Marion
Diana Marta
Yvette Molina
Christi Nielsen
Kathy O'Dell
Michael O'Reilly
Louis Pepe
Freya Prowe
Anne Sherwood Pundyk
Pranay Reddy
Peri Richmond
Reb Roush
Jim Sebring
Hadieh M. Shafie
Moira Smiley
Kim Steele
Thomas Sturgill
Sheila Traviss
Paige Wery
Jessica White
Terry Wolverton

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