Body Stories

Body Stories
An evening of dance, performance, and film

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Craftswoman House
929 North Oakland Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91104

This event is free and open to the public

On Saturday, October 8, the domestic interior of Craftswoman House will host Body Stories, an evening of dance, performance, and film curated by choreographer and performer Christine Suarez. The event will feature nine California-based artists who engage the body and intimate narratives to explore complex issues of identity. This collection of site-specific work aims to erase the boundaries between the audience and the performer through the experience of shared personal space.

The evening begins with a burial ceremony conducted by Arianne Hoffmann and Audrey Malone to celebrate the passing of old hopes, outdated dreams, and past aspirations. A dance by Rebecca Alson-Milkman features a re-enactment of her mother’s death, and encourages the emotional traces to become present as her identity as daughter and caretaker become obsolete. In a participatory performance that pushes the limits of consent, Allison Wyper investigates how the sexualized female body can deflect moral scrutiny by becoming a spectacle that obscures a genuine understanding of pain. Ally Voye premieres Carry, a short dance film that alters the viewer’s perspective through a fragmentation of the body, and the unexpected impact of outsiders. The evening also includes Pat Payne’s personal weather front, a portable performance of pre-mendous proportions, along with works by Greg Barnett, Rebecca Pappas, Carol McDowell, and Kai Hazelwood.

Top image: Allison Wyper, photograph by Jennifer Monge
Bottom image: Still from Rebecca Alson-Milkman's You Know Where to Reach Me, photograph by Lillian Wu

See documentation of the event here.

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